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Our Services

1) Power Source Marketing – an innovative and world-class media agency – offers creative and unparalleled lead sales and customer acquisition programs, website development, media planning, and call center services to advertisers and direct marketers in the education, investment, credit repair, travel, home security,  and identity theft verticals.

Campaigns are developed with a strategic priority on driving incremental sales, new customer acquisition, and ROI for clients and partners such as Home Security, Mortgage Financing, Impact Windows, Surveillance Cameras, Septic and plumbing Solution or any home products

The agency leverages its volume buying power, industry experience of its partners and staff, and close partnerships with a select-few leading vendors, to get clients better pricing on their media spends and lead generation efforts without compromising quality or service. In the end, it’s all about conversions and exceeding clients’ back end prospect and customer acquisition costs.

Power Source Marketing works with the market place to ensure clients achieve optimum efficiencies in the marketing side of their business. Our goals are simply to (1) find the right media for clients (2) secure better-qualified leads for clients, (3) make our clients’ phone ring and inbox “ding!”, and (4) ultimately ensure clients get better value for the money they spend on media.

When it comes to lead generation, Power Source Marketing provides a full compliment of online lead generation services, including: lead acquisition, lead sales, branding, distribution, as well as inbound and outbound call center services.

2) Power Source Marketing is dedicated to providing innovative data and lead solutions for businesses both domestic and internationally. We offer simple solutions that will bring your marketing ideas to fruition. Quality consumer data for Email Marketing, Local Marketing, Direct Mail & Call Center Management has been the foundation of our growth.