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Shared / Direct Mail

Shared or direct mail is the delivery of advertisement material to individuals via postal mail. Advertisement mail includes advertising circulars, coupon envelopes, catalogs, post cards, and other commercial materials directly to homes and businesses. Direct mail is the process of mailing a targeted piece of advertisement to an individual directly. Shared mail is the process of mailing the same advertisement to an un-targeted group of people.

Power Source Marketing has years of experience in both shared and direct mail. We offer start to finish print media and print solutions. Power Source Marketing goes the extra step to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible return on their investment (ROI).
By creating partnerships directly with paper mills and paper companies, Power Source Marketing manages the paper requirements of each job, and supplies materials to the manufacturers best suited to produce the work.

When it comes to lead generation, Power Source Marketing provides a full compliment of online lead generation services, including: lead acquisition, lead sales, branding, distribution, as well as inbound and outbound call center services.